Time saving home workout plan for women who want to strengthen, tone and tighten their entire body in

JUST 28 days!


Limited Offer

Now JUST £27.99

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6 weeks access

Full follow along with me workouts that are fun, varied and motivating with options to suit exactly where you are right now.


These Women Just Followed the Plan!

"I wanted consistency with my training from home"

I'm not very good at pushing myself and I lack self motivation. This challenge provides so much consistency and support with daily workouts and advice on making better food choices.


"My weight was getting me down"

I had zero motivation and made excuses. I then signed up to one of Dawn's Challenges and found the workouts were so achievable. Even my husband joined in. I love my results and will be signing up to future challenges.


"My clothes were starting to feel tighter"

Dawn's Challenges were just what I needed as I was unhappy with how I felt about myself. The workouts were short enough that I could fit them around everything else. I feel stronger, more energised and have lost weight too.


"Down from a Size 22 to a Size 12"

Before I joined Dawn's Challenges I was struggling with my weight, eating habits and was not feeling motivated. Just walking the dog was a real struggle. With these challenges you feel part of a group who support each other. If you're thinking of joining, just do it.  You won't regret it.


"I feel fitter, stronger and have lost weight too"

Over lockdown I had gained almost 2 stone. Dawn has motivated m to get back on track and I feel fitter, stronger and healthier and have lost the lockdown weight after completing many of these challenges.


"I have more energy, better moods and more focus"

I can't recommend Dawn's Challenges enough. So far I have joined 6 of them and the difference in how I feel is amazing. My tolerance with my children has also improved which, believe me, is a miracle!


Here's How It Works


Because not all women have time to spend hours working out!


  • Workouts are split into Upper, Lower, Full Body and Core and are based around low-impact strengthening exercises to help build muscle, and give your body a sculpted shape.

  • Fast, effective workouts Different muscle groups will be challenged each session.

  • Get a faster response with a variety of isolation strength movements and high intensity interval training.


  • Follow along workouts that take less than 35 minutes to maximise the time you have. Simply click and play and follow along with me in real time.

  • Minimal equipment needed (just a pair of dumbbells or you can even use household items as a resistance.

  • Saves you money – you can use this plan to get fit anywhere without spending money on a gym or a trainer!


  • Maximize fat burn with workouts that trigger the afterburn effect, keeping your body in a fat-burning state long after your workout is finished.

  • Keep your body guessing with workouts that train your entire body with mainly strength but with the odd higher impact cardio session too for the ultimate conditioning workout.

  • Transform your body - By building muscle, you will be burning more calories while resting.


Limited Offer

Now JUST £27.99

(usually £34.99)

6 weeks access

Your 28 Day Strong & Lean Challenge


28 Day Workout Plan

My follow along workouts including 4 x Strength (Upper, Lower, Full, Core), 1 x Cardio and 1 x Mobility Routine a week, all accessible via my TWD online platform. (every single workout is different - no repeats)

Progress no matter what fitness level you are at right now with my demos for beginners, intermediate and advanced.

Workouts are fun and varied and there are options for Beginners, Intermediate and Advanced.

Receive daily emails to which include lots of tips to help you stay motivated and on track.

Recipe Books

Two Recipe Books - My High Protein and Vegetarian Recipe Books.

100's of recipes to choose from including breakfasts, lunches, snacks, sweet treats and smoothies.

Shopping lists and weekly meal planners included to help you stay on track.

Every recipe also includes a breakdown of nutrition including calories, macros (Protein, Carbs, Fats) and has a barcode that links directly to MyFitnessPal.

How simple is that!

Private TWD Tribe Facebook Group

Receive support from me and share your journey with other members of the Facebook Group.

Receive bonus workouts, healthy habits to help you stay on track and lots of motivation to ensure you get the most out of the Challenge.

Plus these Special BONUS GIFTS to Help Maximise Results

When You Start the 28 Day Strong & Lean Challenge


4 x Core in 5 Workouts

Strengthen your core with these 5 minute workouts!

Can be done when you are short on time or as an add-on routine after you have finished your daily workout.

Do them anytime of the day, whenever suits you.

You only need 5 minutes!


4 x Cardio in 5 Workouts

Short but intense feel good Cardio Workouts are a great way to get your blood pumping, boost your metabolism and make you feel energised.

Great to do first thing in the morning to kick start your day, or when you may be struggling to find the motivation to do a longer workout.


4 x Strength in 5 Workouts

Sometimes life gets in the way, you wake up late, you are rushing around and what you had planned goes out the window.

That is why I created my 5 Minute Workouts - to help you stay on track and keep moving.

You will be amazed at how effective they really are.




Limited Offer

Now JUST £27.99

(usually £34.99)

6 weeks access

Real Success Stories from Real People!

A bit about Me

Hey there, I'm Dawn French

A Fitness Coach, mum of 2, grandma to little Freya and founder of TWD Fitness.

I love helping busy women realise that they can make a change to how they look and feel, no matter what their age. They can become fitter, stronger, more flexible and more confident than they ever realised. My online fitness programmes make strength and fitness training available to women who want to workout from the comfort of their own home.

I am here to inspire and motivate you with my online workouts where I coach you through every single movement to ensure you are moving with confidence and at the right pace for you and where you are right now!

If you' re ready to commit to making a change to how you look and feel over the next 28 Days, then this programme is for YOU!



Limited Offer

Now JUST £27.99

(usually £34.99)

6 weeks access

Got any questions?  Here's some FAQ's for you....

Will I get any information in the post?

No. This challenge is 100% digital and you will be able to use it on ANY device - your computer, laptop, tablet or phone. When you sign up you will be asked to set up a login and password and then will be able to access the workouts via your online portal.

There is a special daily email that will be delivered to your inbox every day of the challenge which also includes a link to your daily workout, along with tips to help you stay motivated and on track.

You will also receive my 28 Day Challenge Guide which contains a link to the Workout and Weekly Food Planners and includes tips on how to get the best results through healthy eating habits and setting small achievable weekly goals. healthy eating that you can also download. You will also receive my High Protein and Vegetarian Recipe Books.

I have an injury, can I still follow the Workout Plan in this challenge?

It is important you do not train on an injury or with any pain.  Please check with your doctor before beginning any exercise programme.

Will I be able to do the exercises if I am a beginner?  What if I am advanced?

Yes, my workouts are designed for all levels of fitness.  It is essential you use modifications demonstrate and that you listen to your body. Pause the video if you need rest and always work within your own limits.

Can I take part in this challenge if I am pregnant?

Before undertaking any exercise plan whilst pregnant, you will need to consult your doctor for advice. You should NOT follow any type of intermittent fasting whilst pregnant. It is a time when your body intentionally accrues body fat, gains weight and directs nutrients to the foetus to support growth. Instead focus on eating nutrient dense real food. Consult your doctor for further advice.

Will there be modifications if I can't do a particular exercise?

There are many modifications shown for the exercises to suit all levels of fitness but it is expected that you already have a reasonable ability to exercise and are injury free.

Do I need any equipment and can I do this challenge at home?

This challenge has been designed for you to be able to do at home. You do not need any special equipment but I do recommend a pair of dumbbells. I also give options for using household objects such as a weighted ruck sack or large bottles of water filled with gravel to add resistance that will help build muscle.

How soon will I get the workout videos?

From Day 1 of the Challenge you will be able to access your daily workout via my online platform and you will also receive a link to each workout via your daily email as a reminder.

How long can I access the workouts?

The follow along workouts will be available for a further 14 days after the Challenge has finished so you can catch up with any you may have missed or you want to go back and complete some again. The BONUS 5 minute workouts are yours to keep!

Will I get bulky?

My workouts combine strength, cardio, agility and sculpting to build lean muscle and burn fat.  The workout plan is not designed to increase bulk. You will see the best results by combining the workout plan with quality nutritious food and by implementing the Lean Down Fast tips found in the 28 Day Guide.

Are you a qualified nutritionist?

No, the advice given in the guide is based upon my own experience of good nutrition and aims to help you improve your eating habits by encouraging you to eat lean protein, healthy fats and other macronutrients.  This will help support your workouts and improve your overall health.

Will the recipes be suitable if I am a vegetarian/vegan?

There are vegetarian recipes included in all of my recipe books and if you are following a plant based diet, you can message me and I will send you a copy of either my 'Vegan or Vegetarian' recipe book.

How long will it take to see results?

Your body will start changing as you begin the challenge.  It is sometimes hard to see this if you look in the mirror every day which is why I am recommending you take progress photos on Day 1, Day 14 and Day 28 so you can compare them side by side. This is optional though.

What if I am not satisfied?

You will receive a full refund if you aren't satisfied at the end of this Challenge, just email me at dawn@twdfitness.co.uk and I will be happy to help you..

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